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[filmscanners] FS 4000 Review

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] FS 4000 Review
  • From: "Hkon T Snderland" <hts@antares.no>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 15:14:06 +0100
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Don't know if this review has been mentioned here or not:


It does seem like a very reasonable choice and since the Nikon LS4000
is almost twice the price here (in Norway) and the Polariod SS4000 is
nowhere to be seen, I though this would be a good contender for
replacing my LS30.  I know someone will say the SS4000 is a better
choice, but it's no longer sold here and for my use I'm inclined to
want dust removal with my scanner.

I'm not in a hurry, so would like to know if there is any contenders
in the pipline this spring?  I would like to keep the cost below $1000.


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