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Re: filmscanners:Vuescan bugs

correction: that was version7.2.8 that I last tried it and it worked.

jimhayes wrote:

> On my SS 4000, Win98SE version 7.33 worked fine. Using version 7.35 with b&w
> Tmax film the following happens:
> 1) Scan takes 15 minutes instead of about 3 minutes.
> 2) The image opens up in photoshop upside down and too light, with a histogram
> that spans only about half the range. I selected "flip" in device tab. Whether
> I use Adobe RGB or sRGB it still happens.
> 3) When I try to record a log file to send to Ed, it has a file size of 11.8
> mb!!
> 4) I see from the viewscan site, he no longer answers e-mails for tech
> support!!! Is this really so? Then why is the log file option box still
> available?
> What happened between version 7.33 (worked fine) and version 7.35 and why
> doesn't Ed support the product anymore? In the past he has been eager to fix
> problems when we reported bugs to him.
> Very puzzled,
> -
> Jim Hayes

Jim Hayes

Digital Surrealism
Images at http://www.jymis.com/~jimhayes


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