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RE: filmscanners: VueScan Histogram was VueScan 7.3.2

Bob writes ...

> ...
> And, how can you know where to set the B/W points if
> you don't use a histogram ;)

  I have 2 problems with that question: (1)  I suppose I don't know exactly
what you are trying to do(?) ... (2) a histogram is a visual tool, but it
would be extremely difficult to present a truely useful histogram.  A case
on point is Photoshop's histogram ... for accurately using it, do you pay
attention to the visual or do you pay attention to the numbers?

  (1)  It has always been the philosohy for Vuescan ... "if there is a
better tool in the subsequent RGB editing software, leave Vs to the basics."
I believe Vs's present Wp and Bp tools can put ^all^ the RGB into the scan,
and make it stretch from one endpoint of the histogram to the other, as well
as exclude a certain percentage (which might be considered noise, or
specular highlights without detail).  Once this is accomplished, Photoshop
will do a better job of adjusting your endpoints for subsequent editing
artifacts or accommodating the characteristics of your printer.

  (2)  What would you have the histogram show?  The preview's pixels or
absolutely ^all^ of the pixels? Numeric feedback for 8bit RGB or 16bit? ...
each individual RGB channel or some calculated "luminosity" value?  Which
luminosity value? ... 'L' of Lab? ... 'B' of HSB?  Or, would we ultimately
ask Ed for ^all^ options?

  I don't have a problem with Ed adding a histogram, but I cannot imagine it
otherwise being only a visual presentation, and not practically that useful.
But let's all decide first on which histogram we want before we ask Ed to
change it again ... and again.

my $0.02 ... shAf  :o)


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