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Re: filmscanners: new member

Very few people have been successful with this unit.  Unfortunately, it 
is a poor product, at a low price for a film scanner.  It lacks dynamic 
range (ability to scan a wide contrast range) has very poor shadow 
response, and the resolution is also not very good.

Most people tend to return it or upgrade it.  I don't know what it 
currently sells for, but the Acer 2720 is a far superior model for 
probably about the same cost.

Beyond that, look into the Polaroid 35+, or the Minolta Dimage Dual both 
no longer made but often sold used for the same price range.

If you have a larger budget, consider the Minolta Dual Dimage II or the 
Canon FS 2710.  The Tamarack 2400 or Jenoptik JS-21 (I believe the same 
model) unfortunately reach their limitations quite quickly.


Miha Valencic wrote:

> Hi all!
> I'm new to the list. I have a Jenoptik JS-21 35mm film scanner and I have 
>mixed success with it. It is a 2400 dpi scanner. The driver provided is not 
>very good and I unable to scan dark slides. The quality of properly exposed 
>slides is quite good, but scanning underexposed slides (1 stop) is really bad.
> Has anyone had success with it? Also, the Jenoptik site does not have any 
>suggestions on scanning dark images.
> Regards,
>       Miha.
> .


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