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Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS-30: High contrasts in slides cause halos!

Philip wrote:
> How much more shadow detail was there in the Polaroid over the LS30. I
> an LS30 and I am still tempted to add the SS4000 while it is still so
> I would probably keep the LS30 for the ICE.

There seemed to be a LOT more shadow detail in the Provia 100F slides I
tried - specifically because the details in dark rocks were lost to the
LS30.  But it's hard to compare the scans I did on the SS4K with those on my
own computer because the PC at work which has the Polaroid scanner has;
1) Windows 95 so there's no colour management
2) An uncalibrated monitor facing a window with horrid glare

I had hoped that doing raw scans with Vuescan would eliminate those issues,
but the exposure I ended up with was certainly not ideal.

If you're keen to see comparisons anyway, please send me a private email and
*if* I find the CDR which has the scans from the SS4K I'll try to make a
jpeg to demonstrate.  However I'm in the process of packing all my worldly
goods into storage to go to Japan, so the timing isn't great.

Suffice to say that in a single pass, the Polaroid seemed to pick up a lot
more of the information from the slide than the LS30 could using Vuescan for
10bits per channel.

Infrared cleaning is a godsend if you have damaged or dirty films.  If you
have nice fresh, clean film, then the SS4K will get much more data out of
slides or dense film than an LS30.  Since I don't have one of the more
recent Nikons, I can't say how the comparison with an LS4000 would be.



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