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Re: filmscanners: Monitor recommendation

I have a ViewSonic PT795. Besides the excellent quality of this unit's 
display, the company seems to stand behind their product all the way. Short 
version: about a year ago I thought I might have a problem with the monitor 
(I'm convinced it's simply the nVidia drivers for my GeForce2 GTS card, but 
at the time it wasn't clear) and called ViewSonic to explain the situation. 
I didn't ask for anything other than feedback on whether the company had 
heard of such a situation before (my display would all of a sudden go to a 
strange speckled pattern across the entire screen, and the only way to get 
out of this was to reboot, and sometimes that didn't bring the display back 
properly either). The lady from ViewSonic, then told me she'd ship a new 
unit the next day and that I should put my monitor into that new units 
packing box and send it back to them by the same means. All she asked for 
was a CC to secure the deal temporarily, plus I had to pay shipping one 
way--back to ViewSonic. This was about a year after I'd purchased the 
original unit.

I don't know, but that sounds like exceptional support to me.


>Someone mentioned Viewsonic so although I really haven't intensively
>compared it with others, I've been very happy with my A90 since I
>bought it - almost a year ago now.  I'm sure it's been superceded, but
>its a sharp, clear and bright monitor that I can hold a print up next
>to a display of the same and not be jarred at all.


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