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Re: filmscanners: Monitor recommendation

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 15:01:12 -0500 , "Wilson, Paul" <PWilson@gomez.com>

>Can anyone recommend a good 19" monitor?  I'm currently using a 17" NEC
>XV17+ which is a very good monitor that I'm happy with but I have a 2nd
>system that needs a monitor and I'd like something bigger.

I'm using a Viewsonic PF795 (now discontinued, of course) that is
wonderful.  It's sharp to all four corners, and exhibits no convergence or
linearity problems that I can detect.  When calibrated with Optical and an
mc7, the colour is bang-on.  I think the replacement may be their P95f
model.  They also have a PF790 - my buddy has one for photo editing and
he's very happy as well.

That said, there are enough "God, what a piece of crap" stories about
Viewsonics to make me think they suffer from significant sample variation.
This is likely to be the case with any rationally priced monitor, but I've
even heard it said about LaCie's.  The approach I'd take is to buy a
monitor I'd expect to be good (Viewsonic, Sony and Mitsubishi are the lines
I'd look at), but ensure an exchange policy with the vendor in case the
sample you get doesn't meet your expectations.  That means buying locally -
mail-order is a risky and hassle-prone way to buy monitors IMO.



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