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RE: filmscanners: Nikonscan and dual processors

This is a very unpopular point of view, but my thoughts exactly.  I try, I 
upgrade, I mess around for a while finding out what has changed, I lose a 
scan or two due to overwriting or wrong settings, I do a "perfect" scan and 
find it is no better than I get from Nikonscan with much less effort and 
time.  I go back to Nikonscan...

Like you I reserve it for an alternative approach in rare cases and 
sometimes on these occasions it is excellent.  I do like Ed's version of 
ROC that is useful since I don't have it otherwise.


At 16:03 22/11/01, Jawed wrote:
>So, nowadays I reserve Vuescan for occasional use to give me an alternative
>point of view on a "difficult" image.  This happens once in, erm, a few
>hundred images.  I have a shot of the moon which it rescued - terrible
>picture but of academic interest.
>I'm disappointed with Vuescan.  Sometimes I give my opinion a reality check
>(e.g. with an upgrade of Vuescan) but I just can't get results I like.
>I think Vuescan is for the forensic photographers.  I like that concept.


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