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RE: filmscanners: X-ray scanners/etc

Love that country. Visited it in 1998 for two weeks, walking all over
Dublin, driving to the west coast to Galway. Shoot about 12-15 rolls.
Should you ever visit Israel, just write me a few words. I'll point you out
to high-quality, reliable labs and a few pro photo shops where you will be
able to purchase well stored pro films.
BTW, I've tried some lab in Dublin for two of the films I burned there - not
too successfully.
I assume I just didn't find right place...

Alex Z

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Subject: filmscanners: X-ray scanners/etc

Jack Phipps <JPhipps@asf.com>, wrote:

 >He has used these to bluff his way past x-ray machines in Ireland, a
tough place for security.

I'm amazed.  I live in Ireland, fly in and out regularly and have never
been forced to have film X-rayed.

If you think Ireland is tough try Stockholm,  Perth (Australia) and
Schippol (Amsterdam) airports.  In general I have found the US amazingly
lax on security and most places in Asia very helpful as regards film.

I now try and buy film at my destination where possible.  I have reliable
source of refrigerated professional Fuji film in Budapest, Helsinki,
Bangkok, Singapore and, of course, Galway.  I would be interested in
recommendations from list members for processing labs across Europe Asia
and in Mexico.

Does anyone know if it is still safe to post films to labs in the UK ?  I
normally send all my processing to a lab there.

I don't want to get flamed for starting an off topic discussion.  If anyone
wants to contribute but thinks this is OT, please mail me off list.

Mike Bloor


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