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Re: filmscanners: Color Negative Film Poll

I'm a major Fuji fan but I'm disappointed with the Superia films.  I'd stick
with the "pro" (NPS, NPH) films.  The bigger question is why shoot print
film if you're going to scan the images?  I shoot chromes for most of my
color work.  You have an original image for reference, can use Ilfochrome,
reversal or an inteneg, if you want to print conventionally and scanning is
more straightforward with a slide.  Provia 100 and 400 are my favorites.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Rob Geraghty" <harper@wordweb.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 4:41 AM
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Color Negative Film Poll

> "Herb Bauer" <herb.bauer@attglobal.net> wrote:
> > recommendations for the "best" out-of-the-box color negative film to use
> > with a Polaroid SprintScan 4000 and PolaColor SprintScan or Vuescan.
> I'd suggest Fuji Superia 400.  I haven't tried Supra 400 as I can only
> easily buy it
> in packs of 5.
> Rob


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