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Re: filmscanners: pushing dynamic range on the nikon 4000ed

Hi Wayne--

I set auto-exposure OFF to eliminate that variable as I struggle to 
get control of the process.  So maybe this has saved me from the 
inconsistency you describe, but I'm not expert enough with all this 
to be sure.  However it might be easy to test:  turn auto-exposure 
OFF and re-scan your problem images.  If they become more predictable 
then you can probably assume that auto-exposure is the cause of your 
problems.  If not, then I don't know what to suggest.

As far as the blue/yellow cast when comparing things to the monitor 
I'd expect the monitor to appear more blue and the slides/prints 
viewed with halogen bulbs to appear more yellow.  Is that what you're 


At 9:08 PM -0700 11/20/01, Wayne Williams wrote:
>hello bill,
>again, thanks for your responses.  in thinking about your responses i'm
>wondering if i still have an issue with the front end part of the process -
>specifically the scanner profile and the setup of the nikon software.
>what i see is that some of my scans match quite well to the slide after
>importing into photoshop and assigning the scanner profile, and some miss
>quite badly.
>either the profile, the lighting, or my nikon scan settings are off.
>you've helped me understand the issue of lighting and you are probably
>correct that my light are closer to 3000 degrees - which is curious because
>i would expect a yellow cast, not the blue one that i tend to see if my
>prints are off.
>i'm going to assume that the scanner profile is correct, monaco ez color
>doing its job, until i eliminate the other variables.
>so that leaves me wondering about the setting for auto exposure.  right now
>i made my profile with auto exposure set to "on" - and this is how i make
>all of my scans.  will this cause the scanner to read different images in
>different ways such that the profile will have varying degrees of "fit".
>how do you have this set?

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