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RE: filmscanners:What is Analog Gain

> In case it might be of interest, here's the text from my LS-30
> Nikonscan manual (pdf file):
>  Analog gain is used to adjust the intensity of the scanners light
>  source, emphasizing selected colors in the input image. The
>  controls for analog gain consist of four sliders: a master slider
>  that allows the user to increase the brightness of all LEDs in the
>  scanners light source simultaneously, and red, green, and blue
>  sliders that allow independent adjustment of the red, green, and
>  blue LEDs.
>  Moving a slider to the right increases the intensity of the affected
>  LED; moving it to the left decreases the intensity. Click
>  the Help button for information on using analog gain.
>  Note: Setting the intensity of the scanners light source too high
>  may produce smear or other defects in the scanned image.

Thanks!  That makes perfect sense.  Typical illumination for a scanner isn't
variable...but with the Nikon LED system, it's easily adjustable (though
linearity has typically been a problem with LEDs, but probably not in the
range that are required for scanner use).


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