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filmscanners: histograms: VueScan vs Polaroid's Insight (SS4000)--help me here

I have tried both VueScan and Polaroid's latest version of its Insight
software with my SS4000 scanner.

When I open the Insight scanned TIFF image in Photoshop and open the Levels
dialog box, the edges of the histogram do not extend to the edges of the
graph. There is always a small clear area at both ends of the histogram. I
can then make the adjustments I want for black point, white point and center

However, when I open the VueScan scanned TIFF image of the same slide, the
histogram shows both the black and white end pixels to be cut off. This
occurs when I use the default settings for white point (1%) and black point
(0%) in VueScan, and a gamma of 2.2 and brightness of 1 in the Color tab

I thought with a 0% black point setting, all the pixels in the image should
fall within the black point.

I am not clear why I am getting the odd histogram in VueScan.



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