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filmscanners: OT - Playing nice & list rules

May I offer the following selected quotes from Tony Sleep's website, and from 
another site devoted to list etiquette..  (I don't think this list has a FAQ, 
but would be happy to be corrected.)  And didn't we agree some time ago to put 
'OT', for Off-Topic, in front of posts not directly related to filmscanners?

>From Tony's site:

This list exists for the purpose of:- 
* discussing purchasing decisions 
* discussing issues arising from the use of
* discussing reviews and other material available
  on WWW disseminating news of new film scanners,
  drivers and software

>From 'list-etiquette.com':

Use common sense when posting. Be aware that you always have two options: 
responding through the list or to a member personally. The content of your 
message should determine which of these you choose.

Don't over-quote. Include only the specific information you're responding to, 
and chop out the rest.
Keep posts to the list brief. If your post doesn't add value, don't send it. 
(Example: Don't send a "thanks" message through the list. Send something like 
that directly to the person you're thanking.)
Be courteous to other list members. If you disagree with them, fine, just don't 
resort to personal insults. 

Consult the list archives, if available, before posting a question. This is 
also a good way to become familiar with a list's acceptable topics, etc.

If you feel the need to flame, send hate mail, or otherwise reprimand another 
list member, do it off-list.
Do not forward virus warnings and the like to a list unless it's devoted to 
that topic.

Respect other people's opinions. If you disagree, do it politely.


mark t

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