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RE: filmscanners: pixels, printer dots, etc

> > why do you believe "the software has to resample" when creating
> > a dither pattern?
>   Last Q 1st ... If the res of your image is (e.g.) 300PPI, and
> you indicate
> "draft", "good" or "best", then there needs to be some translation.  If
> there is a printer specific optimum resolution associated with the mode I
> would assume the printer software would need to resample.

I don't believe it's really resampling, which is a specific operation...I
just think it takes data and derives at the dither pattern without any

>   This is all that is necessary for recognizing Epson resampling
> artifacts:
> (1)  Create a 180PPI square image (gray, RGB) with almost vertical and
> horizontal solid 1 pixel black on white lines.

I have had this discussion before...and using lines to test this isn't
really a valid test IMO.  Yes it shows "something", but what it shows is
only valid for lines, not for real photographic images.

>   Lastly I'll grant you ... this is NOT a "photographic" image, and it is
> doubtful you or I would ever be able to point to a resampling
> artifact in an
> actual printed photographic image ...

Oh, good man!

> but I think you'll admit
> after testing
> they must be there.

BTDT (been there, done that)...yes, I'll keep it in mind the next time I
print perfect squares ;-)


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