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Re: filmscanners: Pixels per inch vs DPI

SKID Photography wrote:

 > Try taking 3 different photos (Poaloids will do), at a 60th, 125th 
and 250th of a second.  Will will see that
 > there will be a significant exposrue difference between them.
 > As far as 'spec' go, this would not b the first time that 
manufacturers fudged them.
 > Harvey Ferdscneider
 > partner, SKID Photography, NYC

Are the faster shutter speed images in each case darker from the slower
in your experience?

If the factor is the flash, as you suggest, wouldn't that mean the
duration is more in the order of 1/60th to 1/125th of a second or so, or
that the output is otherwise being affected by the shutter speed
timing/synching or whathaveyou?  This seems like a very great
discrepancy from the specs.  Since I do very little studio flash
photography, preferring to work with static lighting for studio work,
I've never tested my flashes under conditions which were well enough
controlled to know for sure what is going on.

I'd be interested in anyone else who has done controlled studio testing
using on camera electronic flashes, because if indeed the units are so
mis-speced, I think the manufacturers should be confronted with this.



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