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Re: filmscanners: Shutter sync speeds - WAS : Pixels per inch vs DPI

Austin Franklin wrote:

> I'm not convinced this is true with all FP cameras.  It may very well be,
> and it does make sense.  That's why I asked if anyone could provide a
> reference for this.
I know one SLR that could synch at _all_ shutter speeds - this was the 
Olympus Pen F half-frame SLR, one of which I owned many moons ago. The 
shutter consisted of a half-circle of thin titanium sheet, pivoted at the 
centre of the circle. When you tripped the shutter, it rotated rapidly 
through 180 degrees, exposing the film. At the end of the exposure it 
rotated another 180, to cover the film again. The speed of rotation was so 
fast that the full area of the film was exposed for all shutter speeds, 
allowing synch up to the maximum speed, which I think was 1/500 sec.

> I agree with that, but that doesn't mean that possibly some speed(s) above
> the max sync speed don't also have the film gate fully exposed for some
> time...that's the part I'm not convinced is a given.
I don't agree. If that was the case then the camera manufacturer would set 
the synch speed higher, to benefit from this. Don't forget a higher maximum 
synch speed is a good selling point!

Brian Rumary, England



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