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RE: filmscanners: Firewire IEEE1394

The following like (USA I admit) says Minolta does support both SCSI and


The following link say MSFT Home version of XP does support Fire Wire.


I seriously doubt their features are disconnected in the UK.

I am not surprised Minolta (and many other hardware people) currently say they
don't support Windows XP.  That is a very different statement then saying their
hardware will not function with Windows XP.  Keep in mind the follow:

#1  Windows XP in terms of hardware support does everything Windows 2000 does
and more.
#2  Windows XP has an "adjustment" so that it can "look like" windows 98 to
either software or hardware.  This setting can be made specifically for items on
your PC, not just a general adjustment.
#3  Minolta and many other hardware people have only had a final copy of XP for
a few days.  I would hope they would spend a few weeks checking out various
issues before they claim all is well in computer land.  As an example, Nikon has
posted on their site what scanners will and will not be supported for Windows
XP.  They also have said they plan on getting drivers posted during November.
(Either directly or by implication they suggest the current software will not
work with XP; however, it is clear many scanners do with with XP although it may
be necessary to have a specific version of the scanner software.)


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Nashville, TN 37215


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