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Re: filmscanners: Loading the Polaroid 4000 Filmstrip Carrier?

I had found that I was getting quite a bit of film squirm as the
carrier was run in and out of the scanner. What was happening was that
the top was bowed and not holding the film tightly, but as the carrier
went through the scanner the top would be pressed down by the leaf
springs near the scanning area. By the time I scanned a high-numbered
frame the sprocket holes were showing and part to the other edge was

The solution was to elongate the opening for the latch, so when the
top was closed the top no longer had a bow. This also had the salutary
side effect of making the carrier significantly easier to open. And
From: Martin Greene <camerabuggy@earthlink.net>
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Loading the Polaroid 4000 Filmstrip
Date: Friday, October 26, 2001 12:15 PM


Thanks much.  Your method works very well and seems to be the easiest.

on 10/26/01 6:16 AM, Donald Denburg at denburg@worldnet.att.net wrote:

> Johnny Johnson wrote:
>> At 07:56 PM 10/25/01 -0400, Martin Greene wrote:
>>> I'm amazed, but I just can't figure out how to open the filmstrip
>>> Would appreciate help.
>> Hi Martin,
>> If you think getting it open is a pain - just wait until you try to
load it
>> with film.  ;-)
>> The catch operates just like it looks.  You just have to press
>> really hard.  It'll wear in with use.  It won't get easier to load.
>> Later,
>> Johnny
>> __________________________
>> Johnny Johnson
>> Lilburn, GA
>> mailto:jjohnso4@mediaone.net
> Rather than pushing on the catch, you might want to try this method.
> For right-handed people, with the top of the carrier facing you and
> the hinge on the left, grab the edges of the carrier just to the
> right of frame six. Bow the top with your left fingers by pulling up
> on the ~ 1 cm web with the thumb and next finger, and pushing down
> on the silk screened area with the middle finger. I does not take
> much of a bow to release the catch. This would not work to open
> the top with a six-frame film strip inserted, but mine never exceed
> Don


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