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RE: filmscanners: Pixels per inch vs DPI

Julian, of course it's true!  I really wouldn't have said it if it wasn't
true!  Do a little research and you'll find out.  It's called the "Bayer

I believe some of the digital camera web sites talk about this, I have seen
it "documented" on the web in a number of places.

Do let me know what you find...

> Austin - is this true?  Can you show documentation to
> demonstrate? - bec if
> it is true then I am very surprised and have been very badly mislead.
> Julian
> At 10:42 30/10/01, Austin wrote:
> >Note, when a digital camera claims 6M pixels...that's in fact a flat out
> >lie.  It is REALLY 1.5M pixels, with four sensors per pixel...a pixel IS
> >made up of all three RGB components, so it is really misleading
> to make the
> >claims they do.  They would be more honest to call it a 6M SENSOR array.
> >How they get 6M pixel OUTPUT is interpolation...which, of
> course, means that
> >%75 of the image data is just made up, and not real image data
> (to a large
> >degree).  And you thought the scanner dynamic range issue was
> misleading...


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