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Re: filmscanners: PSP and 48-bit color question

At 10:18 AM 10/29/2001 -0800, Ken Durling wrote:
>I DL'd the eval version of PSP and I'm finding out why you like it so
>I just tried loading a .tiff file that was scanned in Vuescan at
>48-bits, and I get the following message:
>"A predictor of 2 is only supported for LZW compression on 8 and 24
>bit images."
>I guess I can go back and scan at 24-bit, but what should I know about

Turn TIFF compression off in Vuescan. PSP will then load the file and, when 
you save it, silently convert it to a 24-bit TIFF. Unfortunately, PSP 
doesn't understand 48 bit data. So I guess you might as well just save it 
as a 24-bit TIFF to begin with. That's what I ended up doing.



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