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RE: filmscanners: About 12 or 16 bits

> > Sorry, you're not right.  I believe the 12 bit data is raw data with no
> > setpoints at all...those have to be manually set in PS.  The 12
> data will be
> > high bit justified in the 16 bit word, and no intermediate
> values will be
> > "interpolated" and there will be gaps between valid data
> points.  These gaps
> > are not relevant.
> I just had a thought about high bit vs Low bit justification. Does the
> scanner do anything different in the firmware (this is where the
> justification comes into play, right) when you are scanning negatives vs
> positives, or is it all handled in the software? Wondering if one type of
> film might be high bit justified while another is low bit justified, or is
> that not variable in that way?

Sure, they could do it, but I really don't believe anyone would be so
inconsistent!  No real reason for it.  Technically, it really doesn't matter
which it does, but honestly, it would be nice if the scanners did give a
little more detail on exactly what each one does...since there is no


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