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Re: filmscanners: Loading the Polaroid 4000 Filmstrip Carrier?

Thanks Johnny and Margaret

Thanks for the advice.  I was reluctant to push too hard, fearing I'd break
it.  But, following your advice, with much pushing, I got it open.  It was
easier the next time. I also managed to load it.  The Nikon Supercoolscan
4000 is, by comparison, a pleasure to load.  But, then, it costs a lot more.


 on 10/25/01 9:25 PM, Johnny Johnson at jjohnso4@mediaone.net wrote:

> At 07:56 PM 10/25/01 -0400, Martin Greene wrote:
>> I'm amazed, but I just can't figure out how to open the filmstrip carrier.
>> Would appreciate help.
> Hi Martin,
> If you think getting it open is a pain - just wait until you try to load it
> with film.  ;-)
> The catch operates just like it looks.  You just have to press really,
> really hard.  It'll wear in with use.  It won't get easier to load.
> Later,
> Johnny
> __________________________
> Johnny Johnson
> Lilburn, GA
> mailto:jjohnso4@mediaone.net


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