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Re: filmscanners: Lossless JPEG's? was Hello

Comparing different settings in a software is one way to go, personally Ive
been working for the biggest auctionhouse in sweden and we arcived ONLY
highres jpgs. First we used photoshop (4) jpgs at hightst quality, not any
sight of the jpgs artifacts when printing. Later on we purchesed Binuscan
ColorPro and belive me when I say that there is a difference between jpgs
at topsetting !!!

I have never seen any software making so good jpg ever, basta !

Now Binuscan also have released their PhotoRetouchPro with a quite magic
"jpg removal" algoritm,for really damaged images,  have only seen it working
on screen, looks really good but like always, if it isnt in the print - who
cares about it !?

I think that many people looks at "oooh this is a jpg image, this must be a
really bad one....", I dont feel that way at all. My boss once came to me
and said, Stefan can you tell me with scan/print is made with a Heidelberg
drumscanner and with one is a DaiNipon ?, tricky q I looked at the prints
and after a while (they were very similar) I said "this one is the
heidelberg one..." he just laughted at me and said, "no that one is a Umax
PL 2000" (a 2000USD scanner at that time), what I want to say is, look at
the images, the prints, if these are good you dont have to bother with all
this techical worries !

Cheers, Stefan

on 10/21/01 3:25 PM, Mark T. at markthomasz@ozemail.com.au wrote:

> At 04:06 AM 21/10/01 -0600, Bill wrote:
>> ...
>> o The JPEG standard includes a lossless setting.  Photoshop 6 supports it:
>> set the quality level to 12. it will compress to, say, 1/3 of the original
>> size.  JPEG only supports 24-bit images.
> G'day Bill.
> I had never heard of a lossless JPG, so I checked the JPEG FAQ, which
> basically says that there *was* an early version of a lossless JPEG, but it
> never took off.  They also referred to a new standard called JPEG-LS - is
> this what you meant?  I couldn't see anything about it in the PS Help file,
> but I only took a quick look.  I would be most interested if PS6 really
> does supprt a lossless JPG..  As far as I knew, the main players were/are:
> - 48-bit, lossless, large files
> TIFF with LZ compression
> - As above but files can be much smaller (esp if image is not grainy or
> detailed), eg typically 1/2 to 1/5 original size
> - 24-bit, lossy but adjustable.  File sizes often less than 1/5 of the
> uncompressed TIFF (depending on quality setting and image content)
> - 24-bit, lossless.  File sizes usually a bit smaller than compressed TIFF,
> but not as small as JPEG.
> (PNG's are also readable by most browsers, which makes them useful for
> 'critical' web-display.)
> FWIW, I always use TIFF without compression if in any doubt (I have had
> quite a few problems with lack of portability of LZ'd TIFs), and I am now
> moving over to PNG's for my own file storage in order to save CD
> space.  The lack of 48-bit quality hasn't yet been an issue for me..
> mt


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