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RE: filmscanners: best film scanner for b&w negs

>I've became aware of this when I was doing similar analysis recently;
>that much of the apparent "scanner noise" was in fact film grain.  So
>now that I'm aware of this I factor it into my testing.

Suggestion:  Using multiscan (16 average) to eliminate scanner noise. The
standard deviation will be grain.  Assuming noise and grain are not

noise=sqrt((single scan standard deviation)^2 -(multiscan standard

>At 6:55 PM -0400 22-10-01, Mike Duncan wrote:
>>I have standard deviation data.  The problem is it's hard to tell how much
>>of the standard deviation is film grain and how much is scanner noise.
>>Most of the IV ED deviation is film grain.  The Stouffer target has large

Mike Duncan


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