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RE: filmscanners: Pixels per inch vs DPI

> The reason you're confused is that the term "dpi" is being used
> for several
> things.

Certainly a prolific problem.  I prefer to say SPI as it relates to the
scanner, PPI is what you output TO the printer driver, and DPI is what the
printer prints.

> I've been find of flamed for saying "screen resolution is 72dpi" but it's
> a worthwhile rule of thumb.

Yes it is, and posting someones opinion isnt a flame at all, not even
kind of...

> 1. Scan at the maximum resolution of your film scanner (eg. 2710 ppi)

Optical resolution...agreed.  Some scanners list interpolated resolutions as
their maximum resolution...

> 2. If you want to print the picture, the maximum size you can
> print is limited
> to the number of pixels expressed at 300 ppi.  I always set the
> output resolution
> of Vuescan to 300dpi.

I have no idea what you mean by that...would you please elaborate?


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