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Re: filmscanners: best film scanner for b&w negs

>That was me who asked this question first about Dmax for b&w film with this
>I haven't received any answer but I carried a simple test myself. I don't
>have the scanner yet but I measured the Dmax of my negs with a professional

You might be interested in the measurements I made on my Nikon IV ED with
the Stouffer B&W target.  Different curves are obtained with different
media settings in NikonScan and Vuescan.  0 is the lowest density step on
the Stouffer which I estimate to be about 0.15 OD. The LS4000 should have
better results.

Abbreviations:  KR= Kodachrome, VS=Vuescan, NS=NikonScan, Im=Image

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Mike Duncan


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