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Re: filmscanners: Recommendations for page scanning software

Thanks, Laurie.  I got my wires crossed.  The problems I described were actually with ScanWizard Pro, the scanning software for my Microtek ScanMaker 5 flatbed scanner.  That one actually is a Photoshop plug-in.  Omnipage LE was also bundled with the flatbed and, while I did have some problems getting it to run, they were not nearly as bad as with ScanWizard Pro.  Sorry for getting the two softwares mixed up and blaming Omnipage for being worse that it really was.  But SilverFast is still number one on the heartburn meter, that I'm certain of.

In a message dated 10/19/2001 7:49:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time, LAURIE@advancenet.net writes:

Caere Omnipage is a page scanning application using OCR where in text is
rendered editable and uses on a PC the twain driver of one's scanning
software to scan in a page of text; its cousin, Omniform, is a page scanning
application for scanning in or designing forms which are capable of being
filled and are editable, where the data collected by the filling in of the
form can be stored in a database and utilizes database management features.
Neither OmniPage not Omniform are Photoshop plug-ins or can be started from
within Photoshop.  They are independent applications which relate to the
scanner via the scanner's twain driver. Omnipage can be registered to work
from within designated programs like word processing, spreadsheet, or
database programs and return to them OCR rendered editable text pages;
however, this is far different from being a plug-in or something that would
function from within Photoshop.  By registering a program with
OmniPage,OmniPage inserts in the programs file menu two OmniPage Pro
commands, Acquire Text... and Acquire Text Settings..., when Direct OCR is
enabled in the OmniPage settings. This may be why you found "that it
operated reliably if I started it via "Start > Programs" rather than as a
Photoshop plug-in."

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Obviously, you haven't used Silverfast yet.  My Caere Omnipage (OCR reader
only) for my flatbed ranked number 2 on the heartburn scale.  I couldn't get
Omnipage installed and Caere had to send me a patch.  Then it crashed about
every third scan.  I finally found that it operated reliably if I started it
via "Start > Programs" rather than as a Photoshop plug-in.


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