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RE: filmscanners: Epson 2450 for MF film scanning?

On 13/10/2001 at 8:24 pm, steven.chambers@btinternet.com (Steven Chambers)

> The Perfection 2450 is currently listed on the Epson UK site www.epson.co.uk
> and is available in the UK and France. The Epson France site (not the UK
> site)has a download for the manual. My command of the French language is
> poor but the diagrams show the configuration of the film/slide holder.
> I have been waiting for a foothold into MF scanning and I am hoping this is
> it. I have seen scans from the 1640 which look 'soft' to my eye. I am hoping
> that the 'microprism' and 'micro stepper' technology has overcome this. I
> wonder if the weight (spec says 5.6kg)may also help in dampening vibration.
> I am struggling with my previous bad experiences at being an early adopter !
> Steve Chambers
> steven.chambers@btinternet.com

Me too, and this is what bothers me now. Jessops digital support, who I've found
very helpful with other things, said the 1200 gave photo quality results from
120 negative film scans. My experience was that the quality was in a word, dire,
with inky black shadows with no detail at all occurring even in softly lit
scenes and posterisation as a result of trying to rescue the files in Photoshop.
So when someone says "here's a new Epson flatbed that gives photo quality scans
of medium format film" my reaction is to scratch my head and wonder if it is
true yet.

Joe B.


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