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Re: filmscanners: Can't download Silverfast 5.2

on 10/13/01 7:14 AM, Martin Greene at camerabuggy@earthlink.net wrote:

> On my Mac G4 with Photoshop 6.1 and a Polaroid SS 4000, using the Photoshop
> plug in, something happened and I couldn't load Silverfast.  I got a message
> that said the plug in was not available.  Looking in the plug in/
> import-export folder/ Silverfast folder, I discoverred that the plug in was
> not there.  Tried re-downloading 5.2, and each time got same message and
> program wouldn't work.  Talked with Silverfast tech support, Martin, who
> told me my copy of Photoshop must be corrupted, and I should reinstall it.
> Like a jerk, I did, which wasn't easy to do and I had to reinstall and re
> configure all sorts of stuff.  The end result was that nothing changed and I
> still couldn't open 5.2.  I then reinstalled 5.1.2, from the disk that came
> with the scanner and that worked fine.  Again, tried installing 5.2 over
> that, and, again, it wouldn't work.  Perhaps, the Silverfast download is
> corrupt?  As others have said, their tech support is pitiful.  Any
> suggestions?

5.2 is a paying upgrade. You can't get there from 5.1.2 without sending them
some cash. When you do they give you a new code to download it.
John Brownlow



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