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RE: filmscanners: Announcements for SS4000+

>> If I'm not mistaken e-cost.com, which is selling the SS4000 
>> at firesale prices, has the SS4000+ (or did) listed.

I've just been to eCost.com, and the SS4000 (not the Plus) is going for
$499. Which, converted to a UK price, is superb if the scanner's really
as good as everyone says. Even better, I've got a friend who'll be
moving to the US in the next few weeks, so I can get him to mail in the
rebate voucher on my behalf. At $299 (just over 200GBP) I don't think I
can go wrong. 

The Plus sounds very nice, but for the money (at least $1,000 more!!!),
I'm not sure the difference will be justified.

I've got another quick question: I see I can buy a 35mm negative strip
holder for $13. Since all my negs are cut into strips, I'll need at
least one of these. However, presumably to speed up processing of a
large number of strips it might be prudent to get a couple more, so I
can have then pre-loaded and ready-to-go? Or will I be wasting money?



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