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RE: filmscanners: Canon's scanner Test photo

Ed -- I have not been able to have VueScan successfully "auto crop" images
(35mm or APS). Instead I have had to preview first image, manually drag the
crop box to a proper setting (which properly unchecks the auto crop box
option and enters X offset and Y offset values), and then I'm good to go.

List -- My two cents: I'm just a "joe consumer", but I bought the FS4000 to
digitize my photo mess and like it, especially with VueScan, which was a
life saver.  My overall decision was based on 4000dpi/infrared dust
removal/price/ and included APS feature. I understood dynamic range was a
little lower, but I'm only scanning negatives so I assumed it was enough.
Be aware though, that Canon has a serious support problem (probably nothing
unusual to the list). I spent about an hour on the phone to Canon trying to
get extra 35mm film strip holders. After I finally found someone who knew
what I was talking about, it took them a day to find out that they wouldn't
have any available for at least 1-2 months, but wasn't really sure.  These
are flimsy and I worry about their long term durability, thus my call to
order extras to have on hand.

Mark Van Buskirk
Boulder, CO

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In a message dated 10/4/2001 9:25:18 AM EST, alexz@zoran.co.il writes:

> Perhaps he will be able to explain us how to handle properly negatives
>  his software...

The most important thing when scanning negatives is to crop the
image tightly enough so you don't have a lot of the white border
showing inside the crop box.  This will cause the overall image
intensity to be too low.

90% of the e-mails I get from people about problems scanning
negatives are due to this problem.

Ed Hamrick


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