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RE: filmscanners: Canon's scanner

At 8:15 PM +0200 3-10-01, Alex Z wrote:
>I've heard and read in various reviews about LS4000ED's focusing 
>problems at the frame edges...can you confirm that ?

BF: Yes. Many of my slides are 20 year old Kodachromes with visible 
curvature.  Some (but not all) have a pronounced depth of focus 
problem.  It's easy to test:  NikonScan has a focus-point tool that 
lets you click anywhere on the preview image to make the scanner 
focus on that point.  If you set your preferences to auto-focus 
whenever you set a new focus point you can see the numerical value of 
the manual focus slider change each time it auto-focuses.  On a 
problem slide all you have to do is set the focus point on the center 
and do a scan then set it on an edge or corner and do a scan.  The 
results are crystal clear: the scan is sharp where you set the focus 
point (e.g. in the corner) and fuzzy at other places (e.g. in the 

>It would be interesting to compare dynamic ranges of FS4000US and SS4000

BF: The shadow detail (and by implication the dynamic range) on the 
Polariod was noticeably better.

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