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filmscanners: SS4000

For the list's information, I ordered the SS4000 on 9/20/01 from ecost
for $699.99.  After rebate price ( if and when received) 500 bucks.  I
really wanted a MF scanner, as I currently shoot both 35mm and 6 x 7.  I
thought this would get me a jump on thousands of slides I have
accumulated for 30 years while deciding between the Minolta, Nikon, or
Polaroid MF scanner.  This "backordered" item was received today.  It
did not come with a SCSI card, so I must assume Polaroid has "run out"
of the adapters they were including.

    I have a PC and need a SCSI adapter for this scanner.  I'm running a
Pentium 4 with 1G of RAM and Windows ME.  Does this scanner run on ME?
I don't currently run any SCSI devices.  Any suggestions on which SCSI
card I should purchase, in light of the fact that I will purchase a MF
scanner soon, which may or may not have a SCSI interface, will run on
the same system?

    Any help would be much appreciated


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