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RE: filmscanners: Best scanner software

Polacolor insight includes a profile for the scanner. The profile describes
the color characteristics of the scanner, the film (chrome) being scanned is
not relevant.

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From:   Dave King [mailto:kingphoto@mindspring.com] 
Sent:   Sunday, September 30, 2001 3:02 PM
To:     filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject:        Re: filmscanners: Best scanner software

I take it from your comment that Insight does not have provision for
IT-8 calibration.  Does it at least have provision for using the
profile made with Silverfast?  What I want in a scanner software is
the ability to set endpoints, get essentially the same tone/color
balance as the original (profile comes in here), and high bit output.
I'm another one who prefers doing final edits on high bit files in PS.

Dave King

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From: David Corwin <davidcorwin@home.com>
> First thing I would is to calibrate the ss4000 using supplied
target.  Print
> out the documentation from Silverfast on doing the calibration.
Also visit
> Ian Lyon's site and print out his documentation on doing the
> Read through both of them a few times. Between those two sources,
you should
> be OK in doing the process, even though some steps are not crystal
> If you have trouble, forget it, and go right to using Polacolor.
For your
> first scans, only use well exposed slides.  Polacolor is easy to
use, and
> should deliver you good scans right from the get go.  Truly, a few
> and you're there.
> Once you've gotten comfortable with Polacolor, and scanning slides,
> then
> would I recommend learning Silverfast.  It has WAY more tools than
> need for now, and the documentation is lousy (the PDF I downloaded
> even show you the button for ejecting film!)
> Or if you have negs, Vuescan is definitely worth it.  But please get
> comfortable with slides first.  You'll be happier.
> Have fun,
> David Corwin


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