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Re: filmscanners: Best scanner software

on 9/30/01 9:00 AM PST, JackG wrote:
> I just recieved the Poloraid 4000 and am trying to decide from reading the
> messages which would be best for a novice like me, the Poloraid, VueScan or
> the Silverfast. Of course the Poloraid and SilverFast came with the scanner,
> but $40.00 for the VueScan is a very fair price for software that works
> well.
John in OKC-

First thing I would is to calibrate the ss4000 using supplied target.  Print
out the documentation from Silverfast on doing the calibration.  Also visit
Ian Lyon's site and print out his documentation on doing the calibration.
Read through both of them a few times. Between those two sources, you should
be OK in doing the process, even though some steps are not crystal clear.

If you have trouble, forget it, and go right to using Polacolor.  For your
first scans, only use well exposed slides.  Polacolor is easy to use, and
should deliver you good scans right from the get go.  Truly, a few clicks
and you're there.

Once you've gotten comfortable with Polacolor, and scanning slides, only
would I recommend learning Silverfast.  It has WAY more tools than you'll
need for now, and the documentation is lousy (the PDF I downloaded doesn't
even show you the button for ejecting film!)

Or if you have negs, Vuescan is definitely worth it.  But please get
comfortable with slides first.  You'll be happier.

Have fun,

David Corwin



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