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Re: filmscanners: Canon EOS-1D

>Complete specs on Canon EOS-1D
>If only the price was about 50 percent less...but I can still dream...

Indeed!  Too expensive for my use.  I saw one and picked up a spec sheet at 
Seybold SF. 

Interestingly the spec sheet doesn't mention bit depth (36-bits); that spec is 
in the web site spec page.

At 2496x1664 pixels its not quite up to 2700 ppi film scan res yet.  I wonder 
how large one can print from it's output (assume passing 36-bit raw through 
Photoshop for such editing and adjustments that may be appropriate).  The web 
site FAQs include the following interesting comment on their target market:

  Q. Why 4MP (not 5 or 6MP)?
  A. We chose a 4MP CCD as the most suitable type to deliver unmatched 
  image quality at 8 fps. Current competitive models with higher 
  resolution provide lower performance in terms of framing rates, low 
  light sensitivity, focal length conversion factors, and many other 
  features that are critical for the professional news, sports and 
  wedding photographers who form the primary target market for the 
  EOS-1D.  Also, at 4MP, the EOS-1D's resolution is sufficient for the 
  vast majority of newspaper and magazine assignments.

Bob Shomler


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