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RE: filmscanners: Silverfast vs Vuescan was Re: filmscanners: Silverfast or Polarscan

Rob is absolutely correct--both cost and user expectations (and available
time) are important factors when making a choice between SilverFast and
Vuescan or any technology for that matter.

The really nice part about Vuescan is it works extremely well with most
scanners. I was suprised to find that it produced excellent scans with my
flatbed scanner when I though I had the film scanner connected. It is nice
to have one software product to just get the job done with any one of
several scanners.

While I get really serious about using SilverFast and all the features, I
have produced similar scans with VueScan or Polarscan with very little
effort. Bottom line is I have little time invested in VueScan and a ton of
time in SilverFast.

Gregory Georges

> -----Original Message-----
> >A old question is up again: Vuescan contra Silverfast.
> >Vuescan is a good software , Silverfast is a scanning tool.
> Which is great if you can justify the cost difference compared to
> the difference
> in the results.  I'm sure there are pros on the list who could, but I'm
> also sure there's many who can't.
> Rob


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