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Re: filmscanners: Scanner Buying Dilemma

From: "Gregory Georges" (snipped)
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Subject: RE: filmscanners: Scanner Buying Dilemma
> But, at the price of the 4000, you just can't go wrong.
> It is a great scanner and there are lots of helpful users around to answer
> questions. By the time, you need service on it, you'll be shooting mostly
> digital anyway, right?

Your opinion makes a lot of sense. I get the idea that I can't really go
wrong whether I bought the Polaroid, the Nikon or the Minolta scanner. I
have just printed an 18 page review of the Minolta from
www.imaging-resource.com that I will be studying later. It is quite a
positive review based on my quick read of it.

I have so many 35mm and 6x7 negatives and scans that I suspect there will be
several (well maybe 2 or 3 from the thousands) among those that are worthy
of being framed once scanned and printed. In the meantime I hopefully will
have a Nikon D1x (now on order) being put to good use while utilizing my
many Nikor lenses. Since I have started taking digital pics with my Coolpix
990, I have not used my Mamiya 7ll, Nikons or Contax G2. I am not a great
printer. But, using PS 6.0 and the Epson 1280 I am able to produce much
better prints up to 11x14 than I had been getting from so-called "custom"
photo labs. One of these days I will produce a photograph instead of
"pictures". :-)



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