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RE: filmscanners: Nikon Scan & VS Negative dynamic range


At 23:01 25/09/01, you wrote:
>I could try Vuescan and see if the white/black point settings actually work
>at scan phase, looking at the raw file (if this worked, it would also give
>me the benefit of 10 bits). I haven't had much luck with Vuescan until now,
>but the latest release, which claims better results with negatives and more
>accuracy in the preview, is surely worth a try.

I would try this - I really have a lot of difficulties with Vuescan, but it 
DOES seem to work much of the time, and if I had the LS30 I'd use it by 
default as Rob does.

That 10bits is apparently a real 10bits, and the black and white points do 
work IME.  There is sometimes a confusing problem though and that is it 
seems to get confused around the edges of the frame and will use the 
unexposed portion of the image in its black/white point measurement which 
is not very useful.  It seems that the cropping is not very accurate.

I think Ed would make it much more user friendly if the exposure algorithm 
automatically applied a buffer which blanks out the outer 10% of the image 
from exposure calculations.



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