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RE: filmscanners: scanned files open larger than indicated

Scratch Sizes in the status line in Photoshop 6 represent the amount of
memory that is currently being used to display all images open in Photoshop.
If you click the small triangle just to the right of Scratch Sizes, you can
select Document Sizes and this ought to give you an accurate reading.

For example, you can create a new file that is 11x14 inches at 240dpi. If
you multiply the equivalent 2640x3360x3 you'll get 26,611,200 KBs or
26.6MBs--the right size. Then when you use Explorer to look at the file
size, you see some slightly different number. To get a more accurate number,
you can right-click on the file name in Explorer and select properties. That
will give you the most accurate value. For some reason, Windows has always
had this quirk of not giving the accurate file size. I once heard a
plausible explanation but can't recall what it is.

Gregory Georges
Really Useful Content, Inc.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Author of Digital Camera Solutions &
50 Digital Photo Techniques

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Can someone tell me why my TIF files open larger in Photoshop than their
indicated size on the disk?
A 25Mb file opens as 76Mb in Photoshops scratch size indicator
A 130Mb file at around 205Mb
A 330Mb somewhere about 410Mb

what is going on?
these are regular tiffs, I dont use LZW anymore. or any compression as far
as I know.
and the memory bloat is really annoying
I have PS6 on W2K.




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