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filmscanners: PolaColor Insight 5.5

Soon to be available primarily to support the SprintScan 4000 plus but with
one new feature for all and one for SprintScan 120 users.

*       To improve images scanned at less than 4000 DPI the user  has a
choice of several decimation techniques. Nearest neighbor, mixed mode,
bi-linear, and bi-cubic. 
*       For Sprintscan 120 users a mode has been added that shows all the
images on the strip of which any one can be selected to work on. This
feature helps with the problem of greatly varying inter-image gaps on medium
format film.

This will be available soon , short weeks.

Several new users have asked what software program they should use Insight
or SilverFast. I view these as complimentary products with Insight easier to
use but with less powerful features than Silverfast. Discussions of scanner
software produce some very strong opinions each package with its advocates.
The first versions of Insight, 2 years ago, were poor so it has been
somewhat trendy to trash Insight but I assure you there are many who use it
regularly and like it. Vuescan also has an enormous following with many
satisfied users. My advice is to start with Insight to get your feet wet and
up and running and try the others if you need something you cannot find in
Insight. I think we are all fortunate to have such a robust selection of


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