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Re: filmscanners: ReSize, ReSample or ReScan - 4Web ?

Hi Dave,

If the only use of your picture is a 500 pixel web images, you can do as I 
do. I've been scanning with the Sprintscan 4000 for over a year and 95% of 
the time, my intended output is a 450 pixel jpeg.

I scan at 1200 ppi so I have a 5 megabyte (approximate) image to work with. 
I like that file size because it gives me an adequate amount of information 
to work with. Then I work on the image in Photoshop after archiving the 
original scan.

In general, my work flow goes something like this:
Straighten the image
Crop out the border created by the slide mount
Save As a PSD and archive as the original scan
Run whatever processing is necessary
Resize to 72 PPI at 450 pixels (long dimension)
Add copyright as an active text layer (usually 14 point with Technical font)
Save As using the designated "450-" as a prefix
Flatten and add a single pixel stroke in a complimentary color that the web 
page background will be (if the page is white I add a black stroke, if the 
page is black I add a white stroke)
Unsharp mask
Save For Web and my resulting file size is approximately 20k to 30k

If the page background is to be white, just prior to adding unsharp mask, I 
open the folder of 450 pixel Photoshop files and do a batch drop shadow in 
PhotoImpact, saving as PSD's

Then finish the operation in Photoshop again.

The reason I use PhotoImpact for the drop shadow is because it's much 
easier and can give a uniform drop shadow in a batch operation and 
Photoshop can't:


>If you want to put a picture in your web with 500 pixels wide,
>what is better? Scan at full 4000 dpi and resample to adjust
>your image at this size (letting PS discard pixels) or scan
>at this size. I suppose the first choice but I am not very

Larry Berman




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