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re: filmscanners: Problems with Scanwit or it's SCSI card

Two things to try first:

Click on the scsi branch of the device manager, and then try the refresh.  This 
limits the search of new devices to that branch of items.

Second, what happens if you turn on your scanner and then boot up the computer 
or reboot the computer, does the scanner show?  Does it function?  Does it show 
under imaging devices in the device manager?


 >>  When i turn on the scanner, go to /my computer/propeties/device manager
 >>  and refresh the device list computer freeze-up and only reacts on on
 >>  reset button. First, i fought that problems with logic structure on one
 >>  of my hard drives i had sometime ago could have left some valuable dll's
 >>  damaged and reinstalled a whole windows. But it didn't actualy solved
 >>  any of my problems. Few days before it happend there was no sign of
 >>  possible problems. I called Acer service center, they told me to bring
 >>  it in their office but it would take a few days while i have some work
 >>  scheduled and still hopefull to solve it without them. 

 >>  Any suggestions or particular experience???

 >>  Best regards,
 >>  Gregory Golyshev

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