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Re: filmscanners: Dust in Sprintscan 4000?


I never got along with Insight software, and I bought mine way before Silverfast
was included ;-(
But, after initial confusion, I found Vuescan the best for Tmax 100. I find I 
to just pass the high bit image on through to Pshop. In fact, I wouldn't have
bought the SS 4000 if Vuescan didn't exist.

$$...Not only is the SS 4000 half price now, I had trouble with a previous
scanner...way back in 1995 a refurbed Nikon LS-3510AF went for $3800. I could
probably sell it for $300 now if I was lucky- but it's image quality is no where
near the SS 4000. And Nikon never fixed a serious bug in the (Win) software they
kept promising to do.
Grumble, grumble...

Jim Hayes

Barbara & Martin Greene wrote:

> Jim
> I have started to be pleased with the Sprintscan, especially considering the
> $1,200 difference saved.  Unlike the Nikon, which has great software,
> mastering PolaColor, Silverfast, and Vuescan, all having terrible
> documentation, takes a good bit of time.  I am now getting very good scans
> with better color than I got with the Nikon, albeit spending at least one
> half an hour per scan to remove the spots.
> Martin
> > From: jimhayes <jimhayes@jymis.com>
> > Of course, waying the other pos and cons, i.e. technical support, 
> > issues
> > Polaroid vs Nikon.
> >


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