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filmscanners: SS 4000 Slide Carrier Problem/ David

After much difficulty, I'm now using Vuescan 7.1.16 and beginning to be
pleased with the results from my SS 4000.  I received the scanner only a
couple of days ago.  I'm using a single slide at a time in the slide
carrier, better to keep dust from collecting.  At first, the slide holder
would quickly be grabbed and the preview or scan would begin.  Yesterday
evening the slide holder spent a minute or so searching back and forth, and,
since then, it keeps doing the same thing, sometimes over and over.  A few
times, after getting a good preview, the scan came out misaligned, with the
color way off.  Called Polaroid Tech Support.  Was told that I could either
return it to Ecost.com or they would send me a brush to clean the sensor
with and that might do the trick.  I believe that this is a common problem
with SS4000's, and I'm sure there have been many posts on this.  I'm
concerned about sending it back since It's getting close to the end of the
rebate period and I don't even know whether of not Ecost has another to
send.  Would like to know if it is out of the ordinary for the sensor to get
dirty in two days, and whether or not the brush is a sure fix.



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