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Re: filmscanners: Mac users

At 2:18 PM -0400 20-9-01, Hemingway, David J wrote:
>Any Mac users considering purchasing a SS4000??

Hi David--

Yes definitely!  I would not consider getting a scanner for any other 
OS (that's not a religious statement, it's just I do %99 of my work 
is done on Macs so those are the only computers I keep up to date).

Actually, I just finished a month of research on the internet and was 
about to buy the SS4000 when Polaroid's financial troubles were 
announced.  I liked that, according to the reviews and comments the 
SS4000 seems to have more shadow detail and that it seems to bring 
out less grain, etc. than the Nikon LS4000 ED.  The 120 model seems 
to do even better (even though I only shoot 35mm) but was more than I 
could afford.

Ultimately, however, I chose to go with the Nikon LS4000 ED; mostly 
because of worries about whether I'd be able to get service for the 
Polaroid, and a little bit because I though ICE and ROC (but not GEM) 
might be useful for my really old slides.

FYI, so far I like NikonScan 3.1 rather well.  I wish more scanner 
software was as good.  I also wish it was even better...

Anyway, I really appreciate the quality of your presence here.  It's 
tough to be on the firing line with end users and I think you've done 
a great job of being appropriate and sane.



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