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Re: filmscanners: ss 4000 & eCost

John: As Skip has already told you, eCOST ships the complete SS4000 "kit"
which includes Silverfast Ai (version 5.1). The upgrade to 5.2 is a free
download from Lasersoft's web site; $45 gets you the current version 4.5
(which has NegaFix).

I ordered from eCOST early last week and am also quite impressed with the
turnaround time -- and of course, with the $665 price ($465 once the $200
rebate check is figured in, which makes this a genuinely remarkable value).
I ordered on 9/11; package was shipped out to me in Louisville, KY via UPS
ground on 9/14, arriving at my door on 9/17 (it may help that Louisville is
UPS's principal air hub). Securely packed; all cables, software, SCSI card,
etc. included. Installation was quick, and a couple of quick test scans
indicate that the 4000 is operating correctly.

Having been very close to spending around $1,600-$1,700 for Nikon's LS-4000,
I'm very glad I came upon the closeout of the 4000. Yes, I'm going to have
to do more manual spotting than I would with a scanner that had an infrared
channel and ICE (or its equivalent), but for well under $500, including the
excellent Silverfast software, I didn't see how I could resist. I can buy a
pretty good lens or two with that extra $1,000.



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