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Re: filmscanners: [OT] Best digital projector?


First of all, realize that you need to let your audience seating area
determine the screen size, not vice-versa.  Screens are relatively
inexpensive, so don't make the mistake of designing your display system
around your existing screen.  Your screen height should be a minimum of
1/8th  the distance to the farthest viewer. I prefer 1/5th.

Lighting, or control of ambient light is the next thing to consider.  If
your viewing room can be darkened projector light output (lumens) is not as
critical.  If your room cannot be darkened then high light output (high
lumens) is required for good contrast.  There are formulas for determining
contrast with any given screen size and reflectance in any given ambient
light level, but today's projectors are so bright, it is not usually a
concern unless you use a very large screen or are viewing in a brightly lit

As far as projectors go, many inexpensive ($3-5,000) projectors will give
you all the contrast and brightness you probably need.  Look for one with a
high native resolution.  That is, the actual internal display device should
have a high resolution (1024x768 or higher) not just have the capability to
accept a high resolution signal and then downconvert it to a lower native
resolution (800x600 or 640x480).  If you display your images from a
computer, use a good graphics board and let it do the converting.  That is,
set your graphics board resolution for the native resolution of the
projector.  This way you can use a relatively inexpensive projector that may
not have very good scaling capabilities and get very good results.

If you plan to display video from a tape or a slide-to-video converter, you
must look for a different quality of projector, one that has good video
scaling capabilities.

I hope this helps.  If you have further questions, please contact me off
list, as I am afraid I am already boring most members.

Bob Kehl
Kvernstoen, Kehl & Associates
439 213th St.
Star Prairie, WI  54026
Ph: 715-294-3157
Fx: 715-294-3167

 website: www.kvernkehl.com

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Subject: filmscanners: [OT] Best digital projector?

> [OT] Best digital projector?
> Hi,
> I realise it's a bit off-topic, but does anyone out there have some
> experience showing photos on a digital projector? My photo club is
> buying one.
> What should we look for, and why?
> How is it best set up (we have a 9-foot (3m) square screen.)?
> Any interesting tips or experiences ?
> Thanks, Tom
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