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Re: filmscanners: brandnew user queries

Alan Tyson wrote:
> David Lewiston [dlewistn@maui.net] wrote on Sun, 16 Sep 2001
> 13:57:58 -1000
> >
> > ...buy an enema bulb. I've used one for years (only for my
> negs and
> > tranies you understand) and don't have a dust problem.
> Alan T says....
> Last time David L suggested this, I tried hard to buy one
> from many pharmacies and surgical suppliers in NW England/NE
> Wales, without success. I did, though, have many
> entertaining conversations following quizzical looks.

As many others have commented, ssk for an ear syringe. This is a 
smaller rubber bulb with a neck and outlet for air. Believe it or 
not HP provides one with their film scanners, and it is also 
better scaled for the needs of most for film cleaning.


> > For those in London, you can buy them in John Bell &
> Croyden, Mortimer
> > Street. Maybe big Boots store have them too. They lasty
> for years and
> > really are just as powerful as Dust Off.
> >
> Thanks to David L for the tip on a London supplier. Boots
> etc don't have them round here. For readers fortunate not to
> have been intestinally ill lately, I could also mention that
> enemas these days are, I am led to understand, administered
> with single use throw-away packs.
> I had some success blowing from a carefully dried plastic
> bottle of the washing-up liquid type, but which had
> contained deionised water.
> However, after some experimentation, I have returned to
> restrained use of canned 'air'. Jessops "Clean-Aer' is 6
> ukpounds for a big refill can (360mL), and the propellant is
> butane. If you negotiate you may get the nozzle thrown in
> free, but it's a supposed to be a fiver.
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